PAL Board

PAL Board

Dunn Police Athletic & Activities League Board of Directors

TJ Morrison
TJ Morrison PAL Board Member

TJ Morrison –                                                                     Term Expires 2020

     Board Member


Kittrane Sanders – Term Expires 2017

                                                       Board Member

Yolanda Massey Board Member
Yolanda Massey PAL Board Member

Yolanda Massey –                                            Term Expires 2018

Board Secretary


Shawana Cameron
Shawana Cameron PAL Board Member

Shawana Cameron –                            Term Expires 2018

Board Member


Walter Massey – Term Expires 2020

                    Board Member             Sgt.-At-Arms


Rodney Rowland
Lt. Rodney Rowland Executive Director

Lt. Rodney Rowland                                        Executive Director

Emmett Aldredge III – Term Expires 2018

                                                                      Board President


Shavonda Guyton – Term Expires 2017

Board Member

Chief W. I. Halliburton

Exofficio Board Member


Annie McNeill – Term Expires 2017

Board Member


John Riley – Term Expires 2018

                                Board Vice-President


Carmen Barefoot – Term Expires 2017

Board Member


Tierra Brewington – Term Expires 2020

Board Member


Kelly Williams – Term Expires 2019

Board Treasurer


Malcolm Nightingale – Term Expires 2019

Board Member


Jerry Lee Honeycutt – Term Expires 2019

Board Member


PAL Articles of Incorporation


Federal Exempt Status
PAL Board By-Laws
Board Conflict of Interest Statement
PAL Accounting Policies
Bookkeeping and Annual Audit by
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Fed. EIN# 46-4258788

Filling Playgrounds, Not Prison's

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