Youth Leadership Council

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YLC Mission
  • To build leadership life skills in teens
  • To provide meaningful and integrated leadership development programs for both middle and high school
  • To increase and improve youth partnerships

To achieve these goals through deliberate programming, youth empowerment and organizational structures.


A code of ethics is an agreement among participants in a program to commit to a standard of excellence. It is a tool to communicate expectations to participants and protest staff and programs from all forms of negative recourse. The YLC Pledge is not a Code of Ethics as such, but it does provide the foundations of YLC members’ or leaders’ standards of excellence for behavior..
The YLC Pledge speaks to the following ideals:
1. The philosophy of YLC engaged in learning and doing for the betterment of others;
2. The individual’s right to dignity, self development, and self direction;
3. Supervision and support from paid staff and volunteer adult leaders while involved in the program;
4. Development of a positive role model image which projects a team approach rather than personal gain; and
5. Personal and group commitment to health and safety.
While the Code of Ethics offers a set of guidelines for YLC to live by, the Code of Conduct is a concrete set of expectations that determine behavior at club meetings and various outings. This code should be developed jointly by members and leaders and should address positive behavioral expectations.
Elected Officers 2015-2016
President: TBA
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Secretary: TBA
Public Relations: TBA
Reporter: TBA
Sgt-At-Arms: TBA
Delta Beta Gamma –
Triton High Chapter
Contact: Teacher Kelly Williams

Delta Beta Gamma stands for (D) Distinguished, Determined, Dedicated, Diligent, Daring, and Destined (B) Brotherhood, (G) Gentlemen. The purpose of this club is to create a group of young men to encourage character, leadership, and service among at-risk young males at Triton High School.

Objectives are to establish a support system of peers that will provide mentors for younger students, help develop and maintain positive self-esteem, personal integrity, leadership skills and to provide academic /career planning assistance.

Our goals are to increase ACT scores, end-of-course scores, graduation rate, reduce the number of suspensions and unexcused absences, as well as help prepare students for successful entry into college, the armed forces or the workforce.

Delta Beta Gamma will establish rules that are contingent for membership such as: minimum GPA requirement, positive behavioral expectations, community service and team building.

Members will establish a weekly/biweekly meeting schedule and plan service hours.

Members will plan a fund raiser to raise money for scholarship/club needs (ie: student/faculty basketball game; 3 on 3 tournament).

Members in good standing will take part in a cultural enrichment trips of various interests (ie: Dinner, Performing Arts, Concert, Movies, Museum exhibit, Collegiate Sporting Events, NBA game, NFL game, NCAA games, NHL game, etc.).

For More information contact Stephanie Coxum at 910-892-1873 Ext. 1005 or email also Teacher Kelly Williams at Triton High School .
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