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The mission of Reach One Mentor Program (ROMP) is to reach at risk youth in our community and help them reach their potential through one-on-one mentoring partnerships.

Who is Involved

Boys and Girls (ages 11-15) residing in the Dunn area and living primarily in single-parent families, or are in need of a secondary role model. They are children who want and need a one-on-one relationship with an adult friend. These children are generally growing up in the absence of a father and/or mother’s influence.

Referrals come from parents, school personnel, various agencies and the children themselves. each child is invited to attend a mandatory sex abuse prevention orientation to obtain information. Parents are strongly encouraged to also attend this session.

Mentors are carefully screened volunteers. They must supply reliable references; go through background checks and an interview before being accepted as a volunteer.

Like the child, our volunteers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. They are at least eighteen (18) years old, single or married, or perhaps have families of their own. Some have grown up in single-parent families themselves or others just know they want to be of help to a child in a direct and significant way.

Volunteer Mentor Qualifications

1. Be at least 18 years Old (a second semester Freshman in college)

2. Live/work in Harnett County

3. Adhere to personal background checks

4. Show a genuine interest in children

5. Exhibit integrity and good character


1. Spend a minimum of 4 hours a month with a child (match)

2. Provide transportation for your outings, as needed with your child (match)

3. Initiate and plan activities for your child (match)

4. Cooperate with the program’s Monitoring Committee, Parent/Guardian and PAL Staff

5. Communicate with the PAL Staff at least on a monthly basis

Training and Preparation

1. Complete an Application

2. Attend orientation/interview and training

3. Provide references

4. Background checks

5. Home visit by the Monitoring Committee and/or PAL Staff

Length of commitment

At least one year to include 4 hours a month.

Assignment and Introduction

Matching a Mentor with a child is a thoughtful process. The interests, personality and geographic location of the Mentor are carefully considered, as are the needs, personality and interests of the child. Confidentiality is a must, as a volunteer will be given an open and honest profile of the child based on all available information.

When the Mentor accepts an assignment, a mutually agreeable time is worked out for the introduction of the Mentor to the Child. this is usually scheduled to take place at the PAL Office. A Staff member is always present for the introduction. The Mentor, the Child and the Parent/Guardian will sign a contract agreeing to uphold their responsibilities for a successful match.

Interested, More information and How to apply

For more Information Contact

Stephanie Coxum at 910-892-1873 Ext 1005; email

If you are interested and wish to apply as a volunteer Mentor fill our the Volunteer Application by CLICK HERE . On the front at the top of the application write Mentoring Program. Sign all documents and mail to: Dunn PAL Post Office Box 1065 Dunn, NC 28335 -or- Hand Deliver to Dunn PAL 610 Fairground Road Dunn, NC 28334.


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